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The Power of Renovation Staging
An Exciting New Program to Significantly Benefit Realtors!

StageitSOLD™ is a subsidiary of our Parent company; Pinnacle Group; Calgary’s Premier Upscale Renovator & Estate Home Builder. As a progressive group of companies we have always explored ideas to further enhance the value of service offerings in the Calgary housing market. The idea of 'Renovation Staging' has been part of our business plan for several years now; but only recently have we had the privilege of aligning ourselves with Banking and Realtor Professionals who have recognized, and successfully implemented our 'Renovation Staging' program. Ecstatic customers have been the result of this collaborative effort!

Realtors have long understood the importance of traditional home 'Staging'; in response, Bank of Montreal and other institutions developed their version of renovation Mortgage Staging. The Pinnacle Group of companies had a vision of being able to serve both Realtor and Homeowner in both the listing and purchase stages. It is our belief that StageitSOLD™ provides a revolutionary new tool for Realtors, Relocation Specialists, and Homeowners alike wishing to sell or purchase an Executive Property in exclusive markets here in Calgary. The resulting benefit…is fewer DOM…and greater possibilities for an increased final sale price. Translation….Win-Win for all Parties!

In summary…We are here to simply assist Calgary’s Professional Realtors who specialize in Executive Property offerings, by providing their Clients with an enhanced marketing initiative; designed to sell their home! Realtors and Clients seeking to sell or purchase an Executive Property are familiar with the term staging; we feel that this program takes that term to an exciting new level by providing all parties with results that might cause a smile…or even a grin!




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Quick BenefitsSummary:

Check It's all about the tools; this is simply another tool in your sales arsenal that gives you an edge over the other listings.

Check An incredible marketing service that you can now provide as the listing realtor for your client.

Check For the selling realtor; a great opportunity to find the perfect property without the disappointment of a failed sale due to you discovering the perfect property…however, the condition of the home turns the buyer away.

Check Our Open House concept is to have a white board stating: "Before you say no to this home…allow us to show you what it can be!" (If you can dream it…it's possible!)

Check At Open House; Pinnacle Staging documents showing sample StageItSold™ package; Broker shows mortgage staging with new blended mortgage payment.

Check Competitive advantage over other realtors to be able to offer something very unique and consistent.

Check Realtor's participating in our StageitSOLD™ program are eligible to receive a referral gift from Pinnacle.